Tips For Caring For Your Carpet

Jun 22, 2021 carpet flooring

Carpet is an amazing material to use on your floors.  Many homes will use carpet to help cushion their feet when they walk, where businesses will use carpet flooring as a quick and simple covering that looks nice.  No matter if you have carpet for your home or your office, keeping it clean and maintained can be a challenge.  Here are a few tips to consider when working with carpet.

Wear patterns

It is important that you have a higher quality of carpet when working in high traffic areas.  If you don’t have good carpet, it could begin to show wear and tear in areas that have heavy traffic.  Typically, if you walk the same path over and over again you will start to wear a path in the fabric.  To avoid this, use a higher grade of carpet or randomize your walking pattern.


When it comes to cleaning your carpet, a vacuum is going to be your tool of choice.  When vacuuming your carpets you want to randomize your pattern.  You don’t want ot use the same pattern each time you clean the rugs.  If you do, the fibers will begin to shore wear and dirt will start to hide from you.

carpet flooring

Blot spills

If you spill something on the carpet don’t rub.  You want to blot the spot with a dry lint free towel.  This will help in pulling the liquid or stain out of the carpet.  If you run you are only pushing the stain deeper into the carpet.  It may look like it is gone, but it really is hidden.

Avoid direct sunlight

Depending on the type of carpet you have, it may be a good idea not to have it in direct sunlight.  When we have things in direct sunlight it may fade the colors or patterns.  These imperfections may be rare but when they happen it will be noticeable.